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    • Screen print studio

      • 27 September 2012
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      Its been a few months since my last “Blog”.  We have had some changes to be made and now are ready to move on to the second phase of Ink Up Ltd. To start I must say I have learned a lot about the screen printing, “Do it yourself”! Do to unreliable printers I made the decision to  partner up with Timm, my local graphic artist. After a couple of months of discussing future plans to purchase a Screen-print studio, a studio went up for sale and landed in our laps. With money of course!

      We are now looking for the right space to open our studio, and will be up and running within no time. The second phase of Ink Up Ltd is in motion. We have also partnered up with “Arts To People”, a local Non-Profit Artist Community program, and will be creating two parts of the studio. The first part will be an outreach program to give kids the ages of 16-25 a place to come, get away from the daily stress and learn the art of design, photo shop, and screen printing. Being that “Arts To People” is a non profit, we will be an an umbrella under their organization to create a program to give back to our community.

      The goal is to give someone a chance to learn a skill, and to have a place that is safe, fun, while being able to express emotions from within on to  the press, to canvas, and onto apparel.

      The second part will be allowing artists a place to rent equipment and time within our studio to bring their art to life. I can speak from experience that relying on other print shops has been very difficult, and if I had a place to go in the beginning would have been a real gift. I found that local print shops did not put the time, dedication, and heart into the art as I did. This left me with many “throw away” articles of clothing.  If I wont wear it then I wont sell it. Each piece has to be printed as if it is our first and last piece.  We are here to represent the artists, so only the best quality will be accepted.

      We have a few new artists and an small arsenal of designs waiting to be printed. We look forward to bringing the designs to life in the studio.

      With all this said, I wanted to let the world know we will be back up and printing within no time.  A lot is ahead for Ink Up Ltd and we look forward to rocking the screen printing tattoo arts very soon. We appreciate everyone for reading, looking, and passing along our arts.

      ~ Yorgo @ Ink Up Ltd “Tattoo, Art, Unity”

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    • Made in WNC: Ink Up Ltd. sells tattoo art apparel in Asheville

      • 02 July 2012
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      What:Ink Up Ltd. “Art, Tattoos, Unity.”

      Who: George Rhine.

      Product: Ink Up Ltd. creates unique tattoo art apparel and accessories meticulously crafted in limited quantities. Every mark, every line and every piece of artwork is hand-drawn by selected professional tattoo artists. Each garment is an original piece of art that is hand-selected between the tattoo artist and myself.

      Cost: $15-$25 for ladies tanks tops, shirts, dresses and skirts and men’s T-shirts and tank tops made from high-end cottons, organics and bamboo material.

      Available: Ink Up Ltd. operates as a downtown merchandise cart across from Wonderland, 33 Patton Ave. Hours are after 5 p.m. Friday, all day Saturday and some weekdays, depending on downtown traffic. Rhine also has an online store. Read More

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    • From the Artist to the press

      • 24 June 2012
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      From the artist, to the graphic designer, to “screen print crew. What does it take to make an Ink Up Ltd tattoo art apparel design? There is a lot more involved in printing quality tattoo artwork on apparel then most may think. It takes hard work, dedication, and commitment from everyone involved in the Ink Up Ltd Crew.

      Lets start from the beginning to the end. To start we search for each tattoo artist that has what it takes to design the art needed for the tattoo art apparel process.  I do not look just for a tattoo artist, but an artist that can draw immaculate designs that will blow the minds of those in search of fine tattoo art.

      Once I have locked into finding the artist, it takes commitment to bring the tattoo artist on board our Ink Up Ltd.  crew. I am here to promote the artists, show the world talent from all parts of the world, and give the public what they want in our apparel; “A piece of tattoo art anyone can wear”.  A percentage of each sale goes directly to the artist. By purchasing an item from “Ink Up Ltd” you are supporting your tattoo artists from around the globe. Read More

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    • The art of Unity!

      • 19 May 2012
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      It has been three months since the start of Ink Up Ltd. I had a vision of gathering the finest tattoo artists from around the globe, and allowing the public to come to Ink Up Ltd. to see the tattoo artist’s story, their art, and their passion. My vision to print tattoo art onto higher end clothing has finally begun. I started with one artist, Chip Harris, a close and dear friend. I told Chip my vision, and asked if he would allow me to start with a few pieces of his artwork to begin the process of screen-printing tattoo art.

      I explained that I would be paying each artist a generous percentage of the sales. Being that Chip was a genuine and loyal friend, the money was not his primary concern. It was more about Chip seeing me begin on a journey and following my bliss. I cannot thank Chip enough for his support and love of the arts.

      I received Chip’s artwork via UPS and began the process of finding the best graphic designer, and screen printers I could find to hire. My objective was, and is, to bring the art to life on apparel. The first month I went through several graphic designers and I could not find that spark I was so in search of. I finally connected with a friend from Greece, and sent him a few pieces of art to bring to life. Within minutes my newfound illustrator gave me what I was so in search of, “Magic.” Read More

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